An in depth look at our detailing service.


Detailing is the ultimate clean for the car enthusiast, a bespoke service that will make your car the talk of the town.


Our details have three stages.

A full decontamination of both bodywork and alloy wheels from wheel drum to windows. Your car is cleaned to a standard that only ourselves and detailers alike can provide the processes are listed as follows.



- Citrus Pre wash left to dwell and rinsed.

- Snow foam application left to dwell and rinsed.

- Hand wash (two bucket method to eliminate scratching or marring while in our care)

- Fallout application and removal (to eliminate any metal deposits on your paintwork and wheels)

- Tar and glue application and removal (To remove any adhesive particles)

- Lubricated Clay bar use, to safely eliminate binded dirt and tar from bodywork and wheels.



Please note the finish to our exterior detail is subject to the needs of our customers as we also offer ceramic coating and paint shield services, please contact us for details.


Only the highest grade carnauba wax is used for our details and is applied panel by panel with a curing time of between two to five minutes, as to eliminate binding to laquer and causing damage when the application is in process.


Paint sealants typically have longer curing times from five to ten minutes to ensure binding to the pours in your paintwork. This ensures longativity of paint sealants throughout your cars lifetime.after sealants are applied. We commonly apply a layer of canauba wax for added gloss and protection after a sealant is applied.


Alloy wheels are sealed with alloy wheel sealants and buffed to a shine, if our sealant services are not being applied carnuba wax is applied as a coating for protection.

If you have chrome wheels metalpolish is applied and as above treated to wax application.



- Carpets and upholstery shampooed cleaned and extracted.

- Panels, plastics, vents and edges are dusted and cleaned with our anti fungal cleaning soloution

- Head lining cleaned and marks are removed bringing it back to new

- Windows polished inside and out including tops (a sealant for windows can be applied if requested)



Our aim during our detailing service is to provide you with a car that is fit for a showroom a standard that you can be proud of.






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