An in depth look at our flawless full valets.


Our full valet service is our most common service, and our greatest value service also.

As outlined in our mini valet section, care is our priority when carrying out our full valet service from the pre wash right the way down to interior your car is treated like our own.


Our full valet service is as follows.



Before we begin any physical interaction with your car we prep your car for an intense cleaning process that will provide us with the best results possible. For this we use a citrus pre wash to remove as much built up dirt, oil and grime as possible before we use a wash mitt to clean each panel. This stops any dirt or grit being dragged across your paintwork and prevents any scratching or marring to your paintwork during the later stages.

Our citrus pre wash is Ph neutral to avoid stripping of any ceramic or protective coating applied by your dealer ie lifeshine, diamondbrite or supaguard.

Citrus pre soak will also have no chances of burning or staining rubber or metal like other industrial TFR's used by drive through car washes.



Just like your paintwork your alloys are in need of being kept clean and free of metal deposits that can stick and in turn over time rust and damage the paintwork upon the alloy. To clean alloys safely and efficiently we use non acidic wheel cleaner to loosen and remove all dirt if the soiling is unremovable we gently agitate the build up with alloy safe wheel brushes and then pressure wash rinse.


After this process we spray a light coating of fallout remover (again safe on all paintwork) and used to loosen metal deposits and build up on your alloy wheels. This gives a bleeding affect so you may see the science in action before rinsing again and giving your alloys that 'like new' shine they deserve.


Your arches are pressure washed to remove all mud and grime from every inch of the arch.



Our hand wash again as stated above and in our mini valet section is carried out using the two bucket method. A method widely used by detailers like ourselves, this implicates the wash mitt being rinsed after the careful wash of each panel of your car, and this eliminates grit and dirt again being pulled across your paintwork we can guarantee your car will be left with no scratching from us.



After your car has been safely prepped and washed we carefuly dry your car with a microfibre drying towel, ready for polish application and tyre dressing.

As part of our polishing application we only use the highest grade liquid polishes to ensure the maximum gloss finish to all our valets. We apply polish panel by panel to ensure paintwork is not weakend by us, the reason for this is some polishes dry to a hardened state and can weaken laquer upon the application process 



Our interior valet is subject to a few drastic changes to our mini valet. All loose debris is removed via vac under matts, boot and upholstery also. After this is carried out, all door cards are sprayed with anti fungal cleaning solution providing easy removal of dirt and grime. Door shuts are cleaned using a light tar and glue remover to ensure oils and grease are removed.


Also during an interior valet we wet vac seats to the highest standard, the upholstery is shampooed gently and the shampoo extracted from the upholstery via our high powered wet vac. Please note we only shampoo and wet vac seats and not carpets during a valet you may however request us to carry out this process although an extra charge will be added.



To finish the valet we use only the best window cleaners on offer from cream to spray depending on soiling, leaving no smears and 100% vision from outside to inside.


Finally the tyres are dressed with long life tyre dressing and the job complete within a two to four hour time frame,


We think you will agree this is a value for money service along with all our services, our portfolio and reviews hopefully compliment this..

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