Mini valets although the cheapest of our services does not mean we will not pour our heart and soul into them, as far as we are concerned every service we provide should have an outcome that obtains 110% in quality and care.


As you read on we will give you a step by step walkthrough of every stage of a mini valet and how we adhere to the keeping of such a high standard of service that allows us to keep your car safe from damage by us and the elements. From the moment you pass your driving test every car you own becomes an extension of yourself and demands the same care that you give yourself in order for it to live longer so to speak.



The first stage to a mini valet is the wash and is far more complexed than it sounds (its all about science from here on out).

A two bucket method is used to wash your cars bodywork, a method you will not hear or see of in any normal car wash the two bucket method consists of two buckets one with our ph neutral shampoo and one with fresh clean water, the purpose? To rinse the wash mitt and remove any unwanted dirt grime or contaminant before the wash of each panel. By doing this, this eliminates any chances of scratching or marring to your paintwork.

Finally we dry your paintwork with our soft microfibre drying towel again super soft to avoid any scratching.


As we stated above we only use ph neutral shampoos to carry out any service, and as insane as it sounds, your paintwork is just as fragile as your skin especially as paint on production lines today is not only water based, but also thinner than before to save big car companies money (but we didnt tell you that). The purpose of ph neutral shampoo is to keep safe any paint sealants (LSP) ie Autoglyms lifeshine, supagaurd or diamondbright that may have been applied by us or your dealer, as some may strip these coatings.



We believe wheels are the centre peice of your car and without clean dressed wheels your car will not look its best.

To achieve this we begin the wheel cleaning process by applying a non acidic wheel cleaner and agitate heavy soiling and rinse via pressure washer. After the heavy soiling has been removed we apply a fallout remover to loosen and remove metal build up from the curves and creases and then rinse again. Finally we dress the tyres with our long life tyre dressing giving your wheels a professional finish.



Your interior is your domain whilst driving and its understandable that you want it clean.

During our mini valet interior clean we vacuum all loose debris from footwells to seats and boot, all mats are removed and debris underneath is vacuumed also.


After the vacuum process we clean all door cards and dashboard with our interior cleaner leaving a fresh scent throughout.


Finally to finish this value for money service we clean all windows inside and out and add your choice of four of our air freshners.


As we mentioned before its a simple service but accompanies a full valet or detail in later weeks perfectly, keeping your car in perfect condition throughout the year.

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